Even blurry as hell, Paul McCartney still looks like a zombie. (Via John Fogerty’s Facebook, randomly)

The Wynn Resort: The place to be when you’re a billionaire who wants to hire a spare Beatle for your birthday party.

Apparently David Bonderman is so rich he didn’t even have to settle for Ringo, because when he threw himself a 70th, he got Paul McCartney to play along with John Fogerty, and Robin Williams was along for the ride. Macca broke out “Revolution” and “Long and Winding Road,” though, this was clearly a downhill moment in this man’s life because 10 years ago he got the Stones to perform at his 60th at the Hard Rock Hotel.

See? That’s how it is. When you’re young and cool, you’re into the Stones. When you’re getting ready to die, you bring in a Beatle. Case closed.

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