Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it got Steve Wynn to wear that sweater. (Photo by Erik Kabik)

Steve Wynn is really getting a jump on this year’s Ugly Christmas Sweater parties.

Garth Brooks was backstage with Wynn, Andrea Hissom and Trisha Yearwood Saturday night before the last show of Brooks’ three-year residency. And Wynn, who in this photo appears to be an animate scarecrow with a human head attached, decided to celebrate by wearing a sweater we’re pretty sure we owned in junior high.

God, birthday parties with a Beatle? Wearing goofy sweaters because screw you, that’s why? It’s got to be so much fun to be a billionaire. We really need to get in on this game. Anyone want to buy a billion-dollar movie script idea that’s basically just Fright Night 3, wherein a kid moves next door to a pyramid, only to discover to his shock and surprise that a mummy lives there? Because that is literally our best idea, and we would like a billion dollars in exchange to produce 120 pages of cinematic gold.

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