The taint of Will.i.am finally caught up to them. (Photo by Joe Fury)

Another N9NE Group club is dropping off the face of the earth. First it was Playboy Club, and now Rain is shuttering Sunday after an 11-year run for the venue that’s more or less responsible for the nightlife shift to all-house, all-the-time with its groundbreaking Perfecto residency with Paul Oakenfold.

The club will re-open for New Year’s Eve weekend and will be available for private parties between now and then before renovations start in 2013, leading up to a full rebranding. Which isn’t surprising given that there have been persistent rumors of this happening for the last two years. (There have been plenty of similar rumors surrounding Moon, for what it’s worth.) For those keeping score at home, that leaves N9NE Steakhouse, Ghostbar and Moon for N9NE Group in the meantime, though they’ll continue to operate whatever takes over the Rain space.

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