SPOILER ALERT: The O’Sheas parking garage was on Earth the WHOLE TIME. (Photos by Denise Truscello)

We all know the only reason they build stuff here is because the secretly want to blow it up 20 years down the road. At the heart of every Las Vegas casino executive is a sun-crazed 19th century prospector, just dying to light a bundle of dynamite with the end of his cigar.

Gary Loveman got to indulge his inner Burt Lancaster in The Professionals early this morning. The seven-story O’Sheas parking garage was brought down around 2:30 a.m.”using a construction technique referred to as an implosion, a process whereby very small quantities of explosives are used to disrupt the building’s ability to support itself.”

Or, they blew it the fuck up, in the parlance of our times.

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