Just like Orel Hersheiser. (Photo by Jon Soohoo. Additional photos by Al Powers, Robyn Andrzejczak)

Wilmer Valderrama spent his Saturday partying and his Sunday pitching.

Well, at least for the first toss of the Dodger game, anyway. But before he took the mound, he was on hand Saturday at the opening of Azure along with Gilles Marini, David Spade, Miss France 2009 Chloe Mortaud and French fighter Jeremy Decherchi.

Valderrama followed that up with dinner at Lavo, where he ate with Rob Kardashian. Up at the club, Jay-Z protege Rita Ora did her songs “Hot Right Now” and “How We Do (Party).” Valderrama and Kardashian took off for Tao, where Amy Adams had a table with some friends. She’d spent the day at Tao Beach and we can’t begin to tell you how angry we are that there aren’t any Amy Adams bikini pics.

Minka Kelly, rumored to be hooking up with Valderrama and just coincidentally in town at the same time did Marquee Dayclub during the afternoon, dinner at Tao and then doubled back to Marquee for Kaskade. Again, anger, bikini pics, etc. The Vikings’ Adrian Peterson was also at the pool. We’re fine with going without his bikini pictures.

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