Will he sing Phil Collins songs at the end? We hope he sings Phil Collins songs at the end.

Mike Tyson hasn’t exactly, over the years, kept his opinions, thoughts and inner demons to himself. So the idea of Tyson doing a one-man show where he tells his life story? Oh man, he could punch a coyote on stage. He could admit he joined the Klan. He could unzip his head and reveal Andy Kaufman has been playing the role of Mike Tyson since 1985.

Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth will run April 13-18 at MGM Grand’s Hollywood Theater, where the fighter will do a one-man show ($99.99-$499.99, 8 p.m.) where he’ll — we’re guessing — basically re-create the awesome James Toback documentary from ’08. Whatever it is, we’re unreasonably excited.

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