We hate every single thing about this. (Photos by Isaac Brekken)

Snooki, like Kevin Jonas but more or less the polar opposite of Kevin Jonas, was celebrating her 24th birthday on Saturday at LAX. And while she was there, she was pushing her new handbag collection (cleverly named “Snooki”) and showing off her crappy new tattoo. Oh, if only that were the first terrible, permanent life-decision Snooki made.

She had her father, Andy Polizzi, and best friend Caitlin Ryder (of apocryphal Situation-friend-boning story fame) where she got a cake to match her new perfume, also cleverly titled Snooki by Nicole Polizzi. Hey everyone! Who wants to smell like Snooki? It’s three parts boob sweat to one part knock-off Chanel.

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