The Steve Jobs Deification Train just won’t slow down, and Slidin’ Thru is getting on board. The technocrat-cum-secular-saint will be honored with a new slider being offered throughout October. The Crazy One (a nod to Jobs’ Think Different campaign that said the crazy ones are the ones who would change the world) is an applesauce-braised pork chop slider with apple bacon coleslaw and an Apple logo branded on the bun. For every slider sold, $1 will be donated to the American Cancer Society. Wait, wait. We have a chance to eat pork and bacon and claim we’re just doing it for charity? This is way, way better than the iPad.

  • Tyler

    Exactly where can you get this slider?

  • Jason Scavone

    From the Slidin’ Thru truck. You’ll have to check their website to see where they’re going to be:

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