Zappos lets employees dress like rabbits? They really ARE quirky.

The shiny new shuttle-bus-and-Zappos First Friday made its bow this weekend, pulling an estimated 10,000 to Casino Center and Colorado — plus the newly blocked-off stretch of Fremont between Sixth and Seventh. It was a zoo down there, but shuttle service ran smoothly from our parking spot at City Hall. Domestics were only $4 — though wine was $6 — so it wasn’t a pricing nightmare.

First Friday Las Vegas Managing Partner Joey Vanas spent $1,500 on Nicholas Blackham and Corey Anderson’s “Forever Happy” as one of the first purchases of the night. It’s the first piece that will be included in the First Friday collection.

First Friday Las Vegas managing partner Joey Vanas made one of the first purchases of the night – a piece titled “Forever Happy” by artists Nicholas Blackham and Corey Anderson ($1500 in case you need the cost).
This is the first piece that will be included in the First Friday collection. Burning Man founders Nanci Elliot, Harley Dubois, Larry Harvey and Marian Goodell all came to the street fest. We just hope they didn’t try to get into Insert Coin(s) after the fact because the line was practically to the Heart Attack Grill — which had one of its hot nurse/waitresses at a window and the lights on, but with no one actually in the restaurant. We couldn’t tell if it was a soft open that wasn’t populated, or if the girl was there as a teaser. The grand opening is scheduled for tomorrow night

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  • Leslie Bocskor

    Hi there, Nanci Eliot is not one of the founders of Burning Man, I think you meant Crimson Rose.

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