This is like the gooiest thing ever invented this side of a Cadbury Creme Egg.

As Easter fades from memory, so too does that magical six months from early October to mid-April — Candy Season. It’s a delightful six-month stretch where you can gauge the season not by the change in temperature or the turning of the leaves, but by what color peanut M&Ms you’re buying that week. Brown and orange? Red and green? Red and white? Pastel? Anything but brown for VanHalenmas? Candy Season is the most wonderful time of the year. Because it includes Christmas, and there’s some kind of transitive holiday/candy law of mathematics at work here.

So as we transition from Candy Season to Oh God It’s Too Hot to Put Anything In My Mouth But This Damp Rag season, we turn our attention to the Peanut Sin City Frrrozen Hot Mocha at Serendipity 3 to bridge the gap.

The gap, apparently, is bridged with a mountain of whipped cream.

To the point: The PSCFHM is about an ounce and a half of Castries peanut rum, an ounce and a half of Khalua hazelnut, milk, a heaping scoop of frrrozen hot chocolate powder, roughly eight metric tons of whipped cream, drizzles of chocolate and caramel and cut up Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. It’s served in a sundae bowl, filled-to-spilling over the brim, with two straws for sharing if you’re not a chocolate-loving sociopath. Which we are, and are willing to absolve you of all guilt in the matter.

“Our New York location is directly across the street form a church, so this is the only Serendipity that serves alcohol,” General Manager Jerri Rose Tassan said. “It’s a great bachelorette party drink. A Sunday post-wedding hangover brunch drink.”

With only two shots in a gigantic bowl, you’re probably not going to catch a buzz off it, but we can see where it would do the job on a Sunday morning during a death-struggle with a hangover. In fact, we didn’t get much of a booze burn out of this at all (though that’s not really the point). What does make it stand out, though, is the Castries — packing a peanutty punch in the midst of all that chocolate.

“It’s a very unique product. People call me sometimes and tell me they can’t find it. It’s got the sweetness of the rum, but not super syrupy.”

Right. That way they can save room for the actual syrup. Despite the heavy load of confection, the PSCFHM isn’t a cavity in a bowl — for the most part, we caught kind of an unsweetened chocolate vibe. Well, at least where the chocolate sauce and peanut butter cups weren’t concerned. It makes for a very drinkable drink for something that looks like it could set up shop on a Friendly’s menu.

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