So THAT’S the face you make when you drop $100k on booze. We thought there’d be more regret. (Photos by Danny Mahoney)

How do you decide which you want to buy? One, you can live in. The other needs a block and tackle to pour it out to all of your new best friends. To be fair, you don’t have to buy towels that match the bathroom on your little-person-sized bottle of Champagne.

One guest at XS, who wishes to remain anonymous, lured in by the promise that whoever bought the just-delivered Melchizedek — that’s 30 liters of bubbly — of Armand de Brignac would get to lead the countdown to midnight. Well, who could resist being able to count backwards from 10 into a microphone, even if it cost as much as an Aston Martin.

UFC announcer Bruce Buffer got on the mic to hype the fact that the 80-pound mound of hooch was sold. It, coincidentally, could also knock out Shane Carwin. Doesn’t this guy know he could have had 20,000 bottles of Cook’s for the same price? Apparently someone hasn’t learned a little lesson in something we like to call “value.”

Fighter Cain Velasquez was there to host for the evening — until he was upstaged by bubbly. Fighters Gilbert Melendez, Urijah Faber and Jake Shields were also there, as were inseparable pals Criss Angel and Carrot Top. Manufactured Superstars started their residency, while Afrojack sat in. He starts his residency there tonight. Unless 30 liters of Champagne wants to DJ instead, in which case it will enjoy the right of way.

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