If this doesn’t want to make you time travel to 1957, you’re wrong. (Photos by Erik Kabik | Retna)

Louis Prima Jr. is springier than we expected.

There he was Friday night at the Hard Rock Cafe, though, jumping all over the stage, throwing high leg kicks in his bright white suit while statuesque Sarah Spiegel held the line in her evening gown and gloves.

The appeal of the show was for the throwback crowd — people old enough to remember his father and the retro-decked hipsters who wish they were. Yet there was never any part of it that felt old, or stuffy. Prima and Spiegel bantered their way through Sr.’s hits — including crisp takes on “Buona Sera” and “Angelina” — and those of Prima Jr.’s mother, Gia Maione.

He even stuck to Sr.’s trick of parading the horn section through the crowd, picking up dancers and stragglers as he used his trumpet to pied piper his way through the room back around to the stage. It’s a show with an infectious energy and stands in stark contrast to the slickly produced big band approximation on the barge at Caesars. To be fair, Matt Goss does employ more girls in fishnets, and we can’t ever really argue against that. Still, a little more fettucini Alfredo, a little less mac and cheese, please.

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