Still coming down that mountain. (Photo by Erik Kabik)

If your pigs weren’t adequately in zen the last time Jane’s Addiction came around to do all of Nothing Shocking, you can finish ‘em off tonight or tomorrow at Brooklyn Bowl (8 p.m., $77). Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro and the other guy blast out their ’88 masterpiece. (more…)



Hannah Davis is going to love this.

Derek Jeter, Captain now and forever in our hearts, was at a Goldman Sachs tech conference on Tuesday. The afterparty was at Hyde, where Jeter was spotted chatting with Jessica Alba, who had the good fortune to date the greatest shortstop of our generation around 10 years ago. It probably had to be tough for her, letting Jeter slip away like that, then having to come face-to-face with a living reminder of your failures. She could’ve been there at Yankee Stadium, celebrating that improbable extra-innings walk-off against the Orioles. Instead, she was hanging around with a bunch of Hollywood people. She probably couldn’t even get a decent hot dog that afternoon without a lot of complicated planning to get down to Pink’s. (more…)


Weird. We’re just coming out of our blackout from the one-year anniversary. (Photo by Teddy Fujimoto | SPYONvegas.com)

We’re two years removed from the sad, benighted days when the corner of Fremont and Sixth was a place where you couldn’t get booze or party on a roof. To celebrate, Commonwealth is firing up an anniversary party with a live performance from the Moonshiners. Band/bar synergy FTW. (more…)


We do so love NerdyGirlWithPastiesCon.

You’ll have to keep waiting for the when-are-they-finally-going-to-do-it second weekend of Electric Daisy Carnival, because Insomniac released its 2015 dates and we’re still looking at three days and three days only.

Those dates, June 19-21 cover the fifth EDC in Las Vegas and the festival’s 19th overall. Which means kids born the year of the first EDC are now old enough to go to this EDC. And the 18-year-olds who went to that first EDC are now 37, because everything is terrible and we’re all sprinting toward the grave.

Wait, where were we? Oh, right. EDC 2015. Tickets go on sale December 1 at noon, with a three-day pass setting you back $329. VIP ducats are a whopping $699. Single-day tickets aren’t yet available. This year’s theme is … giant robot owls, screaming and Hans Zimmer bwaaaaaaaaaaaaahs.

We’re not saying the giant robot owl terrorized all those people into screaming in rhythm, but we’re not not saying that, either. (more…)


Country Club: Where malt liquor is classy.

Drai’s tees it up tonight for another edition of Country Club. If they really wanted to get a quality cross branding/ironic hipster tempest brewing they’d serve nothing but Country Club malt liquor. It’s been described by no less an authority as Modern Drunkard Magazine as “Light, creamy, clean finishing and sophisticated, you can drink this malt all night and wake up feeling like a goddamn prince.” Sounds fit for bottle service to us. (more…)


LOOGIT THAT SCORPION! That’s how you know this gun means BUSINESS.

Have you ever dreamed of purchasing a firearm? How about one that shot off the finger if the most feared, chemically-aided slugger of the ’80s? You came to the right place, then: Jose Canseco’s Twitter feed. He’s offering up the weapon–thing looks like the gun a lazily written drug dealer would use in a early ’90s action movie–for an undisclosed amount. It’s a .45 Remington with a chrome mirror finish and gold-plated grips. Which will go well with the replica Drive jacket you already own. If you’re really biz savvy, you can grab a package deal.

maybe I will make it a package the chrome 45 caliber Remington with the finger both for sale a package deal

— Jose Canseco (@JoseCanseco) November 18, 2014

Just, you know. Unload it before you clean it.


You can really see the disappointment in their eyes. (Photos by Bryan Steffy)

With the indulgent patience of harried father who has to watch his kid bumble through another goddamn school play–and seriously, Jimmy, when are you going to start thinking about the future and find a hobby that’s going to help you get into college–Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will’s ex, Sheree Fletcher, plopped into a booth at Ghostbar Dayclub to watch Trey–Will and Sheree’s son–do a set as DJ Ace.

Jada was in a metal band, for God’s sake. She can only grit her teeth and sit through this stuff for so long.

The go-gos brought McDonald’s cheeseburgers around, and Will took two, offering them to other clubgoers. Anything to momentarily distract yourself from the fact that your kid is following in Paris Hilton’s career footsteps.



Golf outing by day, country star by night. (Photo by Ed Graff)

The long and storied history of Rascal Flatts in Las Vegas is getting another chapter. Not content to stand pat after filming the “Why Wait” video at the Palms in 2010, the long con finally pays off in 2015 with a nine-show residency at The Joint. It marks the first Joint residency for a band that wasn’t stripping the denim jackets off groupies in the ’80s.

The residency kicks off February 25 and runs three shows a week for three weeks through March 14. Tickets start at $39.50 and go on sale on Friday. Country has done well in town, between the Garth Books and Faith Hill/Tim McGraw residencies, plus the ACM Awards (which this year is being held at Jerry Jones’ Yee-Haw Colisseum and RV Park in Dallas). Though we’re still holding out that they double up a couple shows a week with Gene and Paul for KISScal Flatts. (more…)


Needs more spikes. (Photos by Erik Kabik

The New Wave of British Heavy Metal just got all up in this piece. Judas Priest is doing the Pearl tonight, for all your vengeance-screaming needs (8 p.m., $60-$169). Steel Panther opens, which comes disturbingly close to recasting a Judas Priest tour in 2014 into the realm of outright parody. We’d worry about that if we weren’t too busy rocking out to “Electric Eye.” (more…)

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