The white guy in the dorky sweater like NEVER got laid on this tour, did he?

Brooklyn Bowl dips to the classic funk tonight, with War. Of “Spill the Wine” and “Lowrider” fame. What you might not remember about “Lowrider” is that it’s actually a cool song. A lifetime of it being deployed ironically in movies to underscore dweeby dudes trying to be badass but still looking dweeby would naturally convince you otherwise. Easy mistake to make. (more…)


Kind of a 50 Shades of Sam thing going on here.

Casino ownership party bro Sam Nazarian scored himself a one-year limited gaming license after all, after telling the Gaming Commission he was working with a local doc on his drug-abuse issues. He also submitted to random testing. The lesson, as always? Hooch will never let you down, and it’s plenty legal.

Meanwhile, the man accused of blackmailing Nazarian, Derrick Armstrong, was picked up on grand theft and bad check charges. Because he was hanging around outside the Commission’s hearing yesterday, and had warrants. So, the agency made a big splashy show about the dude supposedly blackmailing Nazarian, yet the same dude thought that was a good place to hang out? Someone needs to go to the Gustavo Fring School of Crime. (more…)


A DJ booth flask: Also recommended. In fact, everyone just start carrying more flasks. (Photo by Danny Mahoney | SPYONvegas.com)

The holiday-related slowdown begins tonight, with Hakkasan going dark until December 26 (when you’ll nee to flee your family to the nearest place that stocks vodka). But still holding fast like the last chopper out of Vietnam is Drai’s, which puts Warren Peace behind the turntables tonight. Stock up while you can–it’s only a matter of time before you have to do all your drinking out of a flask in the bathroom so your little cousins don’t see you. (more…)


God knows what would’ve happened if he had to drop a deuce. (Photo by Al Powers)

Irascible rapscallion Floyd Mayweather was doing a little shopping at Saks Fifth Ave. in New York on Wednesday, when he wanted to use the restroom. But a woman got in his way and said there was a private event going on, and he’d have to use the can on a different floor. So he allegedly called her a bitch and shouldered in anyway, which, we gotta say, is the exact reasonable response for someone who’s trying to stop you from peeing. Unless it’s like, on the floor or something. But in a bathroom? Jesus, lady.

Anyway, she called the cops. Because of course she did. This woman may, in fact, be the worst. There is, as yet, no law against being the worst, or using a public bathroom. So no one went to jail. It’s a heartwarming Christmas tale for the ages. (more…)


If we’re bringing ’80s sunglasses back can we do those Ray Bans that fold in half?

Tony Arzadon is headlining Light tonight. Which it turns out is definitely one of the clubs Hakkasan is getting in its Light Group purchase–there was a bit of confusion over whether that property was included or whether it was on a separate deal. Though that does make the name a liiiiiiiitle bit awkward now, doesn’t it? Oooh! Maybe they can revive the Studio 54 brand. Cirque would be down with that, right? (more…)


This man operates as many casinos as you do. Way less, if you happen to be Gary Loveman.

The moral of the story: Don’t do a bunch of blow and then give Suge Knight a lot of money. Sound advice for anyone, more sound for those of you seeking a gaming license.

Sam Nazarian, the face of SLS, is stepping aside after the Gaming Control Board put the screws to him in a hearing for his license. A drug test revealed recent cocaine use and $3 million paid to people, including felons, Nazarian said were extorting him.

Hilariously, Nazarian told the Board of his coke use, “One of the main reasons I moved here … was to get out of a certain lifestyle I was around.” Well, getting out of L.A. and into Vegas should clear that right up.

So Nazarian is stepping aside, ceding his CEO spot to Stockbridge Capital Executive Managing Director Terry Fancher. But Nazarian still plans on pursuing a license to protect his 10 percent stake in the property. Which, you know. Good luck with that. We’re sure the Board won’t spin the step-aside in a way to hurt you. (more…)


Call us when there’s a Tito Jackson tribute act.

Tonight in tribute acts: Who’s Bad hits up Brooklyn Bowl (7 p.m., $22), bringing you all the finest in Jacksonry without having to go to Mandalay for One. It is not, as you would assume, confined to the post-Thriller catalog. Which is too bad because we were really hoping for a live interpretation of “Liberian Girl.” (more…)


Hakkasan straight up Caesar-across-the-Rubicon’d this. (Photo by Toby Acuna | SPYONvegas.com)

It’s official: Yesterday’s about-to-happen is today’s totally-just-happened. Morgans Hotel Group has unloaded its 90 percent stake in Light Group to Hakkasan Group. And Hak is getting a better deal than first reported. They’re shelling out $36 million and getting the last 10 percent held by Andrew Sasson and Andy Masi, meaning Morgans is taking a bath to the tune of $10.5 million.

Morgans keeps Light’s food and bev operations at Delano South Beach and the lease on the three Mandalay Bay restaurants that Light runs: Citizens Kitchen, Red Square and Kumi. Morgans also has the option to buy a minority stake in The Light Group for up to 18 months after the expected January close date of the deal.


That’s the face you make when you squander away a lifetime worth of America’s goodwill.

Chloe Goins is the latest to come forward and accuse Bill Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting her. The 24-year-old Vegas stripper says the assault happened six years ago at the Playboy Mansion–and she’s pressing charges.

Goins alleges that in 2008, Cosby gave her a drink during a party at the Mansion. She started feeling dizzy, and he led her to a bedroom to lie down. Next thing she knows, she comes to with Cosby nibbling on her toes, his pants around his ankle and, uh, li’l Theo in his hand.

“I remember waking up and feeling moist all over, like he had been licking all over me,” Goins told MailOnline. “He wasn’t on my breasts when I woke, but I could feel, you know, the saliva on them and that he’d been licking on me.”

So. There’s your completely unwanted vivid picture of the day. Goins’ lawyer has been in touch with the LAPD, and she’s expected to talk to detectives in the next few days. And unless they have security camera footage from the Masnion bedroom (not ruling out that could be a creepy, creepy thing!), there’s probably no chance anything happens with it. (more…)

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