We know what we’re thankful for. (Photo by Danny Mahoney | SPYONvegas.com)

You probably want to bank some away-from-family time to sustain you through tomorrow’s gravy-coated ordeal. Diplo has you covered, with the second-annual Twerksgiving at XS. You know what the best way to celebrate that is? Diplo cupcakes.

While we might not be stuffing our face with Diplo cupcakes for the next two days, we will be dark. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, everyone. And try not to get trampled to death in a Walmart. It’s just embarrassing. (more…)


Even Jamie Foxx is stunned by that amount of money. (Photos by Erik Kabik)

So Floyd Mayweather isn’t doing anything to dissuade the completely ridic rumors surrounding a fight between him and Manny Pacquiao. He hopped on Instagram to drop this li’l gem:

OK, you win this one Floyd–that’s pretty funny. But regardless, the numbers getting tossed around on this potential fight are absurd. A website out of Manila claims Mayweather would get $100 million and Pacquiao would collect $60 million. Mayweather was paid $32 million for his last fight. Now he’s going to triple that rate for a past-his-prime Pacquiao? Are we entirely sure that wasn’t in Philippine pesos? It had to be pesos, right? Either that or they’re charging a grand for the PPV. (more…)


Your move, Flavor Flav.

You may as well go out tonight, because we all know no one’s getting anything done at work tomorrow. The day before a holiday may as well involved a substitute teacher running your office. We all know what’s going down. All you have to do is show up, make it to lunch, hang on tight and within an hour, the office exodus will begin. This makes it an ideal time to show up hungover. Get on that tonight at the Bunkhouse, where Qbert is spinning. (9 p.m., $13-$16). Come on. You got this. As long as you can sort of put on pants and drive to the office, you’ll be fine. (more…)


Are we sure that’s Weston Cage and not just The Machine from 8mm with his mask off? (Photos by Joe Fury)

Nic Cage and his son, Weston, grabbed dinner Sunday night at the Palms’ Lao Sze Chuan. Which just seems like a perfectly normal family outing, until you remember this is Nic Cage we’re talking about. He was wearing a snakeskin jacket with matching snakeskin pants, because that’s the kind of thing you do when you’re just dipping out for Chinese food with your kid. How has “casually batshit chic” not caught on as a fashion movement yet? We want to change up our whole look just to roll with this. It’s undeniable.

Also in the restaurant, Paul Stanley (who stands in stark contrast with his “trying too hard batshit chic”), Steve Kukather of Toto, Michael Anthony late of Van Halen and Corey Harrison. There’s no way there wasn’t a completely kickass party in like the Hardwood Suite after this dinner that was going great until Kukather slipped “Africa” onto the iPod. (more…)


See no dubstep, hear no dubstep.

DJ Konflikt takes over at XS tonight. You’re going to think about going out on a night there are two Monday Night Football games?

:checks score:

:sees Jets are playing:

:sees Jets are predictably getting pasted:

Eh, you know what? Nice night to go out. Nothing on, no good reason to stay in. (more…)


Yes we can shoot under par. (Photo by Erik Kabik)

President Obama and Derek Jeter just straight-up went bro weekend on Vegas. With the president in town to speak on immigration and Jeter in town to … something, something Player’s Tribune, the two decided to get in a few holes at Shadow Creek on Saturday. Twenty-seven of them, to be exact.

We assume this was all arranged by Jeter to pick Obama’s brain about his run at the presidency in 2020, consigning President Son of Ron Paul or President Other Clinton or whoever wins the thing in two years. They’ll just be keeping the chair warm, anyway. Oh, Hillary was Secretary of State and a Senator? Great. How many World Series rings does she have? Do you even flip play, Hil?

Jeter followed up golf with the leader of the free world with a trip to Hakkasan, as you do, where he partied that night with friends and his sister, Sharlee. Being Derek Jeter’s sibling has to be awesome and terrible. On the one hand, you have to kind of fight for any kind of attention around the Thanksgiving table. On the other, what did your crappy sibling ever do for you? Demand bail money? They probably never got you in-the-moat seats at the ALCS, did they?


Steve Aoki, Steve Aoki’s cake. (Photo by Aaron Garcia)

If you ever enjoyed spending a quiet birthday with friends, perhaps the DJ life isn’t for you. Steve Aoki’s birthday was a big ol’ throwdown (which is what’s to be expected when you’re famous for rafting over the crowd) at Hakkasan on Friday.

Which had to take his mind off the fact that he’s locked in a lawsuit with his late father’s wife over the inheritance he and sister Devin fought to win. They’re charging stepmother Keiko Aoki (and this pulpy family drama has been going on for years) is squandering the money they have in trust on things like “the Beni Girls, a hip-hop duo flown around the world to perform in chef costumes while wielding spatulas and carving forks at Benihana restaurants”

We’re no legal scholars, but that sentence alone should swing a judge over to their side. (more…)


Dammit Don, don’t jump. You’ve got to keep boozing and smoking, for all of us.

Tonight at the Bunkhouse, it’s RJD2, the Lucasfilm copyright-flaunting producer who gave us “A Beautiful Mine,” better known as the theme to Mad Men (7 p.m., $15-$20). (Which itself is better known as The Show That’s Better than Breaking Bad No Matter How Many Heisenberg T-Shirts You Own.) That’s good enough reason to get out there. Although Christina Hendricks won’t be there. Which means we can’t take our time off from a busy schedule of looking at pictures of Christina Hendricks to go. (more…)


That’s the face you make when you squander away a lifetime worth of America’s goodwill.

Looks like you can get some extra shopping done on Black Friday. The Bill Cosby gig that was scheduled for T.I. has been canceled by “mutual agreement.” Tickets will be refunded.

But wait, that’s not all, in the increasingly depressing spiral of Cosby news. More women have come out to say the Cos assaulted them (it’s hard to figure how he had any time to actually write any comedy in the ’60s and ’70s), including Lou Ferrigno’s wife, Carla, actress Louisa Moritz and Angela Leslie and Therese Serignese, who both say Cosby assaulted them in Las Vegas.

So we’ll add this to Ted Danson doing blackface and Alan Thicke spawning Robin Thicke to the list of heinous things ’80s TV guys did (honorable mention to Principal Rooney’s kiddie porn arrest). If anything vile comes out about Michael Gross, we’re just gonna go ahead and walk into the ocean. (more…)


Still coming down that mountain. (Photo by Erik Kabik)

If your pigs weren’t adequately in zen the last time Jane’s Addiction came around to do all of Nothing Shocking, you can finish ‘em off tonight or tomorrow at Brooklyn Bowl (8 p.m., $77). Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro and the other guy blast out their ’88 masterpiece. (more…)

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