It’s gettin’ cold in here (so cold)/ So blow into your hands/ I am gettin’ so cold/ I need to blow in my hands.

Hip-Hop superstar, Nelly, kicked off his Labor Day weekend festivities at Crazy Horse III with an after-hours performance last night.

Nelly performed for a private event at the venue and partied into the early hours of this morning. The rapper kept the crowd entertained while he enjoyed the company of the entertainers. For once, his pick-up line, “I feel like it’s getting hot in here. Do you know what you should do?” actually seemed to work.


Is that a thing for black dudes now? All crazy hats all the time? (Photo by Erik Kabik)

Singer Theophilus London took to the mophie stage at Boulevard Pool last night as part of the “Set Your Life To Music” weekly concert series at The Cosmopolitan.

The Trinidad native previewed a number of tracks from his upcoming album, Vibes, which is executive produced by Kanye West. We’re still waiting for any word on why he was dressed like a crossing guard.

Questlove Falls Silent

Musical renaissance man Questlove will perform a live DJ set during the first outing of Silent Disco at The Linq’s Fountain Stage.

The Roots’ frontman and “Tonight Show” drummer will spin a “silent” set where partiers wear headphones to hear the music. So, technically, it’s not silent if we can hear the music, is it? It’s only silent if you’re not in attendance – in which case, aren’t all concerts you don’t go to silent, right? This just got really existential.

Perez Hilton Eats

Celebrity blogger and singer Perez Hilton dined at Chef Kerry Simon’s Carson Kitchen last night with a colleague.
Hilton and his companion enjoyed the ‘Devil’s Eggs,’ veal meatballs, wellington empanadas, short rib sliders, rainbow cauliflower, chicken thighs and the mac’ and cheese while sipping on the Brewer’s Fix and Easy Does It cocktails.

Hilton was heard commenting that “everything was phenomenal,” but is currently hunched over his computer right now trying to think of something much sassier.


Hot girls dressed in nerd-bait clothes? We suppose we could get on board with that.

The world’s largest comic book and entertainment convention could be looking for a new home soon.

San Diego Comic-Con International brings roughly $180 million a year in revenue to the city, but when San Diego’s City Council ruled Tuesday not to appeal a court ruling that would end plans to expand the city’s convention center, the future of the convention became in doubt. The $520 million expansion was said to be a key factor in Comic-Con extending its agreement with San Diego through 2016, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Other factors included the availability of Funyuns and reduced fines for groping.

While Los Angeles and Anaheim are being tossed around as possible landing sites for Comic-Con if a deal isn’t reached in San Diego, this could be a perfect time for Las Vegas to swoop in and snag that revenue for sin city. The San Diego Convention Center sports roughly 1 million square feet of exhibit space as opposed to the roughly 2 million offered by the Las Vegas Convention Center or the more than 2 million offered by the Sands Expo. That’s twice the amount of space to argue about whether Spider-man looks better in red and blue or all black.*

*Clearly it’s the all black.


If even she is plugging her ears, what do you think we’re doing? (Photo by Erik Kabik)

With headliner Celine Dion taking time off to be with her ailing husband, Caesars Palace is looking to some big names to fill the empty spots on The Colosseum’s schedule.

According to TMZ, Caesar’s has offered diva Mariah Carey a massive $750,000 to perform two – yes just two (2) – shows. Some of that has to be pity cash being tossed her way for being dumped by Nick Cannon, right?

Other stars on the radar at Caesars include Adele, Bruce Springsteen, Prince, Chris Rock, Chelsea Handler and Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert.

Howard Hughes’ Old Digs Going to Google?

The LAX hangar in which Las Vegas legend Howard Hughes constructed the famous Spruce Goose could soon be occupied by hipsters, computers and air hockey tables.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Google is looking at the 300,000 square feet of space as a possible office building. The gargantuan building sports a ceiling that is seven stories high and comes with two bays – one filled with finger nail clippings and the other filled with jars of urine.

Plans For NHL Team Put On Ice

Las Vegas sports fans were abuzz yesterday with a flurry of reports that Las Vegas was in serious consideration – along with Quebec, Seattle and Toronto – for one of four possible expansion teams in the NHL.

Today the NHL says everyone should pump their breaks, as CBS Sports reports that multiple NHL sources have said there has been no movement on expansion to any city, let alone Las Vegas. We suppose we’ll hold-off on submitting our logo suggestion to the league.


We’re pretty sure we’ve seen this before somewhere.

According to a press release issued yesterday, Viva Veracruz! The Show will not be opening at Planet Hollywood as scheduled. The opening was originally set for Aug. 11 but has now been postponed indefinitely.

“While regrettable we were not able to open this show as scheduled in Las Vegas, we are looking forward to reimagining it in the near future and will be sharing those details as they become available,” producer Luis De Llano-Stevens said in the statement.

The show is described as a look at the different facets of life in the state of Veracruz, Mexico through 12 choreographed dance numbers and no dialogue. We were really looking forward to the dance about the drug cartels and political corruption.


Bono looks terrible.

According to an AEG Live document, Robin Williams was offered a whopping $600,000 to perform two shows at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace two years ago.

The document, obtained by TMZ, is further proof that money troubles were not a major factor in Williams’ depression that led to his suicide earlier this month.

The show, which would have had ticket prices ranging from $75-150, was turned down by Williams reportedly because he was working on his CBS sitcom “The Crazy Ones.” Yet another thing Sarah Michelle Gellar has to answer for.

Suge Knight is Just a Big Softie

Suge Knight’s former UNLV football coach Wayne Nunnely wants you to know something about the rap mogul as he recovers from being shot six times this past weekend – he used to be a big teddy bear.

Nunnely told TMZ Sports that while he was coaching Knight on the Rebels back in 1985 and 1986, Knight was “the total opposite of the guy you know now.” He added that he was “one of the most respectful, hard working guys I ever had. One of our leaders, I don’t know what happened when he put his pads down.”

This goes to confirm what we’ve been saying for years…Suge Knight just has a thorn stuck in his paw. If you see him, just go up and try to pull it out. Once you do, he’ll just curl right up in your lap and let you pet him. Go ahead.

“Naughtiest Things” Entirely Tame

As if to seemingly make up for Las Vegas’s exclusion on Monday, list-maker Thrillist created a transparent apology list for us today. “The Naughtiest Things to Do in Las Vegas” sounds like it should be a fun little dip in the depravity pool, but…wow. We’re pretty sure our grandmother is currently doing naughtier things (Yes, we all share one grandmother here).

Get a room? Go to a convention? We’re amazed “Knit While Watching Donny and Marie” didn’t make the cut. Pathetic. We did naughtier things on our way into work today.


No…no we don’t.

KTNV news is reporting that a deal has been reached between The City of Las Vegas, The Cordish Companies and Findlay Sports & Entertainment to build a soccer stadium for a possible MLS expansion team. Construction of the stadium is still contingent on Cordish and Findlay winning their bid for an MLS team.

The stadium would be located just north of the Smith Center in the Symphony Park area and accommodate up to 24,000 fans or at least the 200 who will be at the games.


The Italian Sausage Festival has asked that Suge not return this year.

The investigation into the shooting of rap mogul and Las Vegas resident Suge Knight at 1Oak in West Hollywood on Sunday morning is being stalled by – of all people – Suge Knight, TMZ reports.

After being shot six times at the MTV Video Music Awards party thrown by Chris Brown, Knight was rushed to a hospital where surgery was performed and Knight is now recovering. Police believe the shooting to be gang-related because of Knight and Brown’s connection to the Bloods, but still have eye-witnesses to interview, including Knight himself. TMZ is reporting he repeatedly ducked their attempts to speak with him and when they did finally get a moment Knight pretended not to know he had been shot.

We never want to be ones to jump to conclusions, but c’mon, we all know it was Vanilla Ice finally trying to get his revenge.

Mayweather Consoles Musical Chairs Loser

In between games at the Gilbert Arenas/ Las Vegas Championship Ball Up Streetball event at Cox Pavillion on Saturday, some local kids played a game of musical chairs. When 6-year-old Famous J – a boxing prodigy – was left without a chair and began to cry, it was Floyd Mayweather to the rescue with a consoling hug.

Later, when even organizers attempted to set-up a musical chairs game between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, Maywether was nowhere to be seen.

George Wallace Spotted at Riviera

Comedian George Wallace attended Don Barnhart’s show last night at Riviera Comedy Club inside the Riviera. Wallace whose own show runs at the Flamingo, joined Barnhart on stage for a quick set. We hope the Riviera wrapped him in bubble wrap before allowing him on stage.


Which one is the Gangnam Style guy?

Hip hop group Far East Movement was spotted at TAO in the Venetian on Friday night. Upon arriving, they took the stage to surprise partygoers with an impromptu performance of a few of their biggest hit.

After the performance, the group spent the rest of their night partying as Kennedy Jones set the soundtrack. No word yet on how much sizzurp was sipped.


She’s very fancy. But you probably already know that. (Photo by Erik Kabik)

The north end of the strip officially welcomed its newest addition with a celebrity-enhanced grand opening for SLS Las Vegas on Aug. 22.

Highlights from the night included Australian pop sensation Iggy Azalea and songstress Rita Ora hitting the stage for a poolside performance at Foxtail Pool Club. The mini-concert featured a medley of Azalea’s biggest hits to date including “Fancy” before Ora also graced the stage to join Azalea for “Black Widow,” marking only the second live performance of the duo’s hit. We assume their album with songs based on all the Avengers characters is forthcoming.

Celebrity attendees like Julius Irving, Pamela Anderson, Aaron Paul, Maria Menounos, Rick Fox and Michelle Branch among others were treated to an impromptu performance by Lenny Kravitz at The Sayers Club. The party continued on Saturday when DJ Erick Morillo began spinning at the grand opening of LiFE Nightclub’s – the only Las Vegas nightspot endorsed by Mikey.

No Love For Las Vegas

Thrillist is known for its lists in the “best blank in the blank” variety. And while we weren’t really expecting to see Las Vegas pop up on the 21 Best Mexican Restaurants in America list (Sorry, Roberto’s. Maybe they’ll do a “Best When You’re Drunk” list soon) we were stunned that not a single Las Vegas hotel made it onto their list of the 21 Best Hotels in America

Thrillist further kicked sand in our faces with yet another snub as Nevada ranked 46 out of 50 in their ranking of all US states by beer. C’mon, Thrillist, Sierra Nevada has our state right in its name, that should count for something.

Cindy Crawford Crushes It

Super model Cindy Crawford was spotted at Crush eat, drink, love inside the MGM Grand on Saturday eating with her husband, Rande Gerber, and Casamigos co-owner, Michael Meldman, and his wife. The group ate ricotta gnocchi, lamb meatballs, ceviche, tuna, and shrimp risotto but were annoyed that the waiter kept making Crawford go get her own Pepsi out of a machine.

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