Tiesto: Definitely not a reverse vampire.

Congratulations, everyone who hates Spanish colonialism. To celebrate Grito de Delores, Tiesto is doing the first-ever iteration of Wet at Night–conveniently held at Wet Republic. Well-played, Mexico. No one wants Spaniards hanging around, telling them when to siesta and when to have dinner. (What if we want to eat before midnight, Spain?) It was such a good call, we had an entire war under false pretenses just to mess with the Spaniards. William Randolph Hearst would have fit right in in Mexico. (more…)



If you’re looking to get a gig as one of the 6,500 workers slinging lithium at the new Tesla Gigafactory in Storey County, the state legislature’s September 11 vote to authorize about $1.3 billion in tax breaks to get Elon Musk’s Wonka Facotry-for-Batteries secure in its new home was a godsend.

If you’re trying to get Paul Blart: Mall Cop 3 done on the cheap, though, the deal is somewhat more problematic.

That’s because the Nevada Film Office’s $80 million, four-year tax credit to lure productions to Nevada is going bye-bye. Instead, to help pay for the massive Tesla tax abatement, $70 million of that money is now off the table. (more…)


We can see why they’ve never played Vegas before. Knit can work in Siberia, but here?

Pussy Riot, the protest-punk collective of knitted mask-loving Russian ladies is coming to Life Is Beautiful. The hook, though, is that they’re not performing.

Both Nadya Tolokonnikova and Masha Alekhina–fresh off their Colbert Report turn–will speak October 24 as part of the Downtown festival’s learning program. They’ll talk about their time in labor camps, their activism and their love of the band Gorky Park. Look, we’re assuming on that last part, but who else did Russians grow up listening to? Sigue Sigue Sputnik? They weren’t even Russian.

No word on if Life Is Beautiful is looking to bring in Cheech Marin’s White Pussy, Black Pussy, Spanish Pussy, Yellow Pussy, Hot Pussy, Cold Pussy, Wet Pussy, Smelly Pussy, Hairy Pussy, Bloody Pussy, Snapping Pussy, Silk Pussy, Velvet Pussy, Naugahyde Pussy, Horse Pussy, Dog Pussy, Chicken Pussy Riot. (more…)


So rustic!

It’s never a good sign when your Wiki page says “they have influenced acts like Mumford & Sons.” Fave of the NPR crowd Old Crow Medicine Show is at Brooklyn Bowl tonight ($33-39, 8 p.m.). They’re the ones behind the execrable “Wagon Wheel.” So every time someone drops that on the bar jukebox for an overwrought singalong, you can thank Old Crow. Go say you’re welcome at the Linq. (more…)


Wiz Khalifa read a really weird copy of The Great Gatsby if that’s his Prohibition-wear.

The Snoopadelic Cabaret was right there for Will Smith, but no. He had to play the Daisy to Snoop’s Gatsby, forever out of reach.

Smith had dinner at Tao with Marc Anthony and Romeo Santos before heading over to Marquee for the night. That means that Snoop was left to hold down the Cabaret at Tao with a little help from Wiz Khalifa, who got up for “Young, Wild and Free.”

Snoop also pulled an assist from Jamie Foxx, who was walking around the restaurant earlier in the night talking to diners, took to the stage to do “Gold Digger,” then held down the fort while Snoop went into the crowd to mingle on his own. Which includes spending time with Dax Shepard, who had a table there. But good God, you give Jamie Foxx one song nine years ago and he just doesn’t let it go, ever.


Look, we get it. It’s refelxive, we know. But you need to stop punching your screen. (Photo by Erik Kabik)

Somehow, we live in a world where Janay Rice and Adrian Peterson’s kids can catch well-publicized ass-beatings, but The Biebs walks around completely unpunched. Sentient Instagram club promoter pic Justin Bieber was at the Hard Rock Hotel for fight weekend.

Before the Floyd Mayweather Good Luck Gnome sang the National Anthem, he brought his entourage to the Hard Rock on Friday for lunch at Nobu and a stay in a three-bedroom suite. Which will now have to be sprayed. Once you see one Bieber, you know there are hundreds more living in the walls.

On Saturday, inveterate lesson-ignorer Selena Gomez hung out with Bieber at the pool. Because sometimes, you’ve got to trust your heart and ignore the rest of society at large, common sense and history when you’re choosing who to hook up with.


“No, all I’m saying is you, me, Bieber and a trip to OG.” (Photos by Erik Kabik)

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Floyd Mayweather remained undefeated after Saturday night’s decision against second-time sacrificial lamb Marcos Maidana. And what do you do after you pad out that record some more? You go to Rehab.

Mayweather partied yesterday with Jamie Foxx, 2 Chainz and Fabolous. Of course, Fab did the pre-fight party too, at Tao, where Flo Rida, Tank, the Mavericks’ Greg Smith and Mike Tyson were all hanging out. We guess this is why the Biebs didn’t come to that party, given how Tyson feels about Canadians. Tank and Mayweather moved on to Chateau in the evening, with the champ bringing along about 100 friends and fam. Least he could’ve done was invited Ray Rice along. He doesn’t have anything going on right now. (more…)


They just come at the booth ass first. (Photo by Danny Mahoney | SPYONvegas.com)

It’s fight weekend, which means the whole world is about to explode in what might be the busiest couple of days until Halloween. And right there in the thick of it is Diplo at Surrender tonight. “Been seeing this cuban chick I call her Guantanamo bae.” Never change, Diplo. Never change. (more…)


How is PETA not trying to stop Paris from Frankensteinian genetic manipulations of dogs into tribbles?

Oh, there’s still some gas left in the old girl’s tank.

Just when you thought Paris Hilton was done doing dumbass rich girl things and was skipping along the long, boring path to adulthood, she comes out and buys a $13,000 dog that reminds you why you wanted to constantly throatpunch her for all those years.

Not just any $13,000 dog, a $13,000 dog that instinctively makes you want to hurl it into traffic to put it out of its misery. And is named “Mr. Amazing.” Remember when George Foreman came out of retirement and won the title at 45? That’s is what this feels like. (more…)


We assure you, they’re an actual band and this is not a meeting of the Dave Grohl Appreciation Society.

Criminally underrated thrash act Prong saddles up for the Las Vegas Country Saloon tonight (8 p .m., $15). You might remember them from the Strange Days soundtrack where they covered the title Doors track with Ray Manzarek, if you were into a lot of ’90s cyberpunk and metal. (So, just us, then?) But really, start out with brutal masterpiece “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck.” Or if that’s too intense, here’s an 8-bit cover, if there was ever a Prong game for the NES.


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